1a girl from Uganda

Unfortunately, today in Uganda children are often stolen for profit. They are sold as  “orphans” to foreign families. Thus children are separated from their loving parents. It happens because of the growing level of corruption of the government and the high level of illiteracy of the population in the country.

2 how and what do children learn in Ugandas schools

The Russian author Maria Kasyanenko lives in Uganda. She shared interesting observations about the education system in this country.

3 children and war

In July 2003, the ICRC helped the correspondents of "Novaya Gazeta" Sergei Mikhailovich and Victory Ivleva to travel to Africa in order to learn and to tell about the lives of children fighting as adults. The problems of rehabilitation and the return to society of former child soldiers are not only relevant today for the African continent...

4 humanitarian problems in Uganda

Pierre-André Kono has just completed his mission in Uganda, where he has served as the head of the ICRC delegation for the past two years. Despite the scale of the humanitarian disaster, the internal conflict in that African country has not attracted the attention of the media...

5 try to help

As a Riga citizen, Boris Bulaev got to the Forbes list and decided that money does not bring happiness.