Why do we help children? What is the reason for this?

Most often, sick children need help. We help sick children because it's hard for us to see them suffer. After all, children should be happier than us. It is for this reason that a lot of funds are donated to them. And our hearts become  high when we realize that we have done such a good deed. After all, we saved and made a happy child.

We help orphans because they are not to blame. They're alone. We try to give a little of that we are able to give to our own children, hoping that it will make orphans a little happier.

Strong people help children! The children are waiting!

Why we exist

Many people believe that charitable foundations are unnecessary intermediaries, and it is necessary to help directly, and it is much more effective. But practice shows that, if you help your neighbors directly, then maybe it is more effective, but if they are far – then exactly the opposite.

Why do we need charitable foundations, if we can provide assistance to the neighbor targeted, without any intermediaries? To think so is a big mistake.

First, in order to provide targeted assistance, it is necessary to have significant means to help this is really help. For example, you can bring a food package to a poor family or even buy the necessary clothes, but can you buy them a house,  household appliances, or pay for expensive treatment? Most likely, an ordinary person will not be able to do it.

Therefore, we come to the aid of a charitable organization, as a Fund, which simply attracts funds from a variety of people. The principle of any Fund-every bit helps.

Even those who need help philanthropists and altruists share with others what they have, depriving themselves. This means that very often people transfer 1 or 2 dollars. Such mites  always speak to the heart. And if 1 or 2 dollars will not have a decisive influence upon a concrete family,  for those in need such amounts is a huge benefit, and for our wards it just also is every little bit that helps.

The second point: our Fund is a kind of guarantee that help will really come to people in need, not to scammers. People, donating their money, still do not want their money to be used by impure tricksters. Unfortunately, today there are a lot of such people who want easy money.

We're not just raising money. In our field, we become professionals, real experts in providing assistance. We know exactly what our wards need, where to get it and how to deliver it quickly.

The Fund combines small donations in large amounts. What is beyond the power of one ordinary person becomes possible. When people's efforts are combined. Every donation is important, and only public solidarity will save our wards, because two or three rich donors may run out of money, and two or three million people-never.

Our mission is to help the most needy, to improve the quality of life of suffering children

As Leonardo DiCaprio said, in order to stop complaining about life, you have to visit Africa at least once. It is true that many children there do not live to the age of 6-10 years, due to lack of water and food. A lot of children live on the street, because their parents died from the effects of AIDS, malaria, etc.

Our mission is to do good where there is evil, hunger, pain and injustice. Heard about dying children from hunger and lack of water, of course we had no idea what we can do to help them, there in Africa. But having been there in Uganda, we realized that help is real and very necessary.

The aim of the project is to help specific children in Africa. The whole of Africa we do not save but we believe that even  5 or 10 rescued children's lives in Uganda are what used to fight for them.

We are helping orphans and children from poor families in Uganda. Our goal is for children to have a chance to learn and live in school, and the people who see our activities join us and do the same.

The essence of the project: having been there it is difficult to describe all that is happening there, the lack elementary conditions for life dooms thousands of children to die. Because of the lack of education in the field of protection, each family from 5 to 12 children, despite the high mortality rate, the population is growing every year.

We can safely say we cannot help all the children in Africa but very many specific children we are able to help!

Exactly this activity helping children-our human psychology and soul

Despite the fact that the essence of charity has spiritual roots, such as compassion and generosity, there is also a psychological explanation for this phenomenon. We feel the need to help children, guided by the some urges. Unselfish help and charity is carried out because we have:

  • the desire to help people, to contribute to the development of society. We are driven by altruism, compassion, kindness. By doing good, we feel happy. We want to make life more harmonious, to restore justice and order;
  • internal setting, the principle of helping those in need. This is a setup instilled from childhood. We are used to helping people, we consider this to be the norm.

Good is so multifaceted, and the history of charitable activities is so rich in traditions that every movement, every step, every act, every business done in the name of good, has its own definition and there are many names of noble deeds.