After a little girl from Uganda learned English she revealed the truth to foster parents about her family

Unfortunately, today in Uganda children are often stolen for profit. They are sold as  “orphans” to foreign families. Thus children are separated from their loving parents. It happens because of the growing level of corruption of the government and the high level of illiteracy of the population in the country.

Spouses Davis have raised four children, but after learning that Uganda has more than three million orphans, decided to take the adopted daughter from this country.

Although the couple knew that the fifth child in the family will be an additional moral and financial burden, but still decided to adopt.

For a year they had to go through exhausting procedures for the adoption process, fill out documents with huge stacks and spend almost $70 000. Two years ago, however, they managed to adopt a six-year-old orphan Namata.

Soon the girl quickly adapted and it became easy for her to learn English. Gradually, she began to share her memories of life in her family in her former homeland. Listening to her stories, the couple began to realize that when they were adopting this girl, they were given a completely different information about her.

Foster parents were told that the girl had no father, and her mother refused her, having handed in one of the shelters. But there the child could not adapt because of the constant insults and malnutrition, and she was not even given primary education.

In the words of Namata, she enjoyed studying in primary school and her mother loved and always cared for her.

Having carefully read all the documents on adoption and comparing with the story of their daughter, the couple realized that there are big differences in the facts. It turned out that Namata was not an orphan and they were simply deceived for adoption.

"Her life was fine up to the moment when we did not apply for adoption and the choice of these dishonest people did not fall on her" —Mr. Davis said in an interview.

It turned out that the girl's mother was told that Namata had won the opportunity to study abroad and  they gave an illiterate woman documents to sign with the refusal of parental rights.

 When it all turned out, the couple were horrified by the realization that the child in such a tricky way was just kidnapped from a loving mother. The Davis realized that it is necessary to correct the situation and help the family to reunite.

Having found the girl's family, the couple were able to contact them via video. When Namata was told that her mother wants to communicate with her through the computer, she was incredibly happy.

The unfortunate mother shared that the scammers said that Namata would be a couple of years sponsored by the Davis and during this time the girl would be able to receive an American education.

It turns out that the girl was a victim of child trafficking.

When the whole story began to unfold and the media became aware of the fraud, one of the lawyers involved in the return of abducted children to their families in Uganda. He gave an interview in which he recognized the existence of criminal organizations that hunt for the cute children of single mothers or from disadvantaged families, which are easily deceived.

One of the favourite methods of criminals is a meeting in the village church with a poorly educated mother and telling lies that they can help to give the child a brilliant future abroad.

And these mothers are happy to sign any document, because they sincerely believe and hope that their children will be able to live much better than they do. But in fact, the children get into foster families who are willing to pay money to save the "poor orphan", which put in their eyes kids bandits.

For a child, on average, such an organization receives one and a half tens of thousands of dollars.

As the Davis adopted Namata with heol of  the " European adoption consultants "(ECU), the FBI and the investigative authorities were  interested in this "office".

There is a possibility that this organization was also deceived by the Ugandan guardianship shelters, but not all the circumstances of their participation in the fraudulent scheme have been clarified yet.

Over the past almost 30 years of its activity, the organization has managed to organize the adoption of more than two thousand foreign children by American families.

As the "consultants" had not checked the data on the Ugandan side of the case for the absence of signs of trafficking in children, as well there are other irregularities in the international activities of ECU , the authorities had taken away THE ECU's license and are checking all the recent adoption cases.

Unfortunately, the Davis are not the only adoptive parents in a similar situation.

ECU’s specialists provided compassionate Stacy Wells information for the adoption of the girl Viola also from Uganda, which was abandoned in the shelter after the death of one of the parents.

A woman attached to the abandoned little girl so much  (and it was only through  the pictures),  that she endured lengthy and costly procedures for the making of guardianship and took the little girl to America.

Having learned the language, the girl also began to talk about her happy life with her family in the homeland, who loved and protected her very much.

When the truth was revealed, the foster mother decided herself to take the girl to her parents.

"Parting was not easy for both of us, because the child has already become used to it, I'm her mother. But my conscience did not allow me to break up the family, so we went together to meet with them in Uganda."

As a result of these two stories, the girls have regained their families, they are friends because they live in the same village, and often communicate with their failed adoptive parents via video link.

They were lucky enough to survive the vile separation from the family, but the girls are happy again with their family. Unfortunately, not all "orphans", who were adopted by such a deceptive way, can return home again.