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Our statistics: happy people are more often engaged in charity

According to research, happy people are much more likely to help those in need. More than half of the respondents say that over the past year they have done things for the benefit of other people (not relatives and family members).

Respondents were asked to answer questions about their personal level of happiness, the level of happiness of people around them, about helping other people (not close and not relatives), about the types of help.

Sociological and psychological studies of happiness show that age, income, education and health are not automatic factors of happiness. Thus, most respondents are convinced that money and age do not affect whether a person feels happy or not. They say that happiness does not depend on age and level of income.

More than half of the respondents claim that they have provided assistance and acted for the benefit of others (not relatives and family members) over the past year. The most common way of help is to help with money, a third of respondents in the last year helped other people financially.

It is important to note that people with high estimates of the level of personal happiness provide assistance and engage in charity much more often than those who low estimates of their level of happiness.

It should be cautiously stated that charity is the factor of happiness. However, modern research suggests that the level of happiness depends significantly on the investment of effort in achieving significant goals, the search for important meanings, a sense of belonging.

We are sure that good deeds give a feeling of happiness. For many years we have been forming a culture of charity in society and say that helping others makes us happier. Now we know that this story works in the opposite direction. Good and happiness as communicating vessels.

We should  try to help. Not for fame, not for appreciation or tribute. With all your heart  and unselfish. We do it for  good living conditions of children and hope only  for the best.

Help, support and become happy!

Charity brings joy

Doing a good deed is always a great joy, even if you are just a mediator. Our Foundation is working and will try to work further. We do what needs to be done. We should not think about ourselves too much, not think that we are doing something great or exceptional. We do what needs to be done.It is very joyful to see when it turns out to solve this or that problem together , it turns out to help. The main thing is to help, each case is like its own, we experience it, we live it. You do and you get a reward of joy, from what others feel good or a little better.

We believe that to help children in Uganda is real and very necessary, we could not remain indifferent to the children's fate there.

If you do not know how to help - ask

The article is not an advertisement or a call to transfer all your funds to our Fund. The decision to help must come from your  heart, and you have to take it yourself, and to learn kindness and compassion is never too late... To help the children of Uganda is very simple: it is enough to donate money that does not burden you.

You can sponsor a child, you can transfer your finances. All questions you can ask by phone +256 791 530 445 or send messages to, Main office// 436 Nalugala,Entebbe, Kampala. Uganda